James Cant (1911 - 1982)

Social realist James Cant is not only renowned for his influence on modernism in Australian art, but spent a number of years in London exhibiting alongside modernists such as Francis Bacon. It was during the 1950s in London, when Cant held six one-man shows, that he arrived at the peak of his overseas achievement. 'The Corner of Cork Street', painted in 1951 is one the most significant works of this period for Cant; he kept it in his personal collection until his death, and it was the painting selected as the cover illustration of the first monograph on the artist.
On his return to Australia, he settled in the Adelaide Hills where the grassy hillsides and scrubland were an influence on his work. Eva Breuer has a number of paintings available from this period, including rare and exquisite ink and watercolour works on paper.
James Cant is represented in the National Gallery of Australia and many state and regional galleries, as well as British collections at Hernsey and Hertfordshire.