Art is all encompassing. Its very essence is that it is hard to describe, even harder to teach. It is an expression of who we are. Art is not merely dictated by the artist but also of the beholder. It may differ from what the artist wants to express as to what the audience feels upon seeing or experiencing it. Not all who see the same thing will have the same reaction. Such is the commandment of art.

Of course, there will be times when appreciation alone is not enough. It must be celebrated, discussed sometimes dissected. Filmmaking as art is one of those that need to be experienced. Not all films will touch a chord with everybody. But a good amount will be appreciated. Filmmaking is considered a modern visual art form. It uses modern technology and appreciation is in seeing the film. It sits there with painting, drawing, sculpture, design, video and photography. It is the most advanced form of art. It combines not only visual but also audio. The story also presents as a quasi-art. Meaning it has a life of its own, An unfolding that tickles our mind and build momentum. 

Unlike those of painting, filmmaking cannot be done with just one man. One man can have a part for each of the process but it cannot be just merely one man. If it were, it might take more than a year just for the planning stage alone. The moving images created in cinema is carefully crafted to a background of the scenes, sometimes with the use of a green screen, where had it been another would make the scene a lie, the film laughable.  


To make the film would take a lot of planning, budgeting, scheduling, managing and a thousand other things to do before the film can be made. When it wraps up there will be more of the same plus post-production, distribution, marketing and advertising. If making films is an art, then getting it out is a business. 

But that is another matter altogether.