Eva Breuer Art Dealer was established in 1994 by Eva Breuer.

It has been few years since she died and Eva Breuer continues to be an inspiration to the Australian art world. Eva is remembered for her impeccable knowledge and judgement, her infectious enthusiasm and enormous energy, and her very high standards of practice. This website is created to remember Eva’s dedication and contribution to Australian art & culture scene.

The Physical Challenges of a Life in Art

Many people associate artists with a cerebral approach to life because of the discursive nature of their social interactions. Art, however, demands a great physical commitment as well, as those little grey cells. The passion involved in making art is, often,...

The Gaping Maw: Climate Change

A lot of people have asked me to describe what ’The Gaping Maw’ is all about. This is a modern phenomenon, which is impacting globally, especially in western cities and communities. The gaping maw refers to the black hole facing our civilisation in the 21C. The...

All of Life is Art

When hunting around for a definition of Art, I return to the fact that, “all of life is Art”. Art is not any particular medium, it is more an attitude around how one lives. We all have choices in life concerning how we live our lives and what we value. Some may say...

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