Is the modern cosmetic dentist more akin to artist than oral mechanic in this day and age? Wealthy western Homo sapiens are spending their money on personal enhancement and perfect teeth are a big part of that. Dentists are increasingly called upon to not only make things work properly but look bloody good too. A winning smile, a winsome smile, and a bright and welcoming smile are highly desirable elements to possess for the modern man and woman (and all those in between). Cosmetic dentistry lifting dental imagery closer to art in 2020.

Repositioning Your Smile in the 21C

We are witnessing the emergence of cosmetic dentists even in the smallest of Australian towns. It is an exciting time to be alive if you are a dentist or a client in need of a new smile makeover. Nobody wants to open their mouth if it is full of brown or rotting teeth, especially if you are a younger person embarking on life. Today, you can reposition your smile with the help of a good cosmetic dentist. If the price tag is a little rich, you can visit a poorer nation and take your chances on an aesthetic tourism adventure.

Safety Concerns in the Coronavirus Era

Perhaps, with COVID 19 on the rise right now you may like to postpone that Asian trip and utilise our homegrown top-quality dental clinics. Safety concerns may have you appreciating our local dental clinics more than getting a bargain. Of course, you might like to make sure that your local dentist has plenty of surgical masks and toilet paper. The worldwide pandemic has populations stockpiling some basics at the expense of others. Health authorities are urging the general populace to leave the masks to health professionals, who really need them. Dentists are feeling a bit left out, as they cannot access the government’s stockpile of face masks.

The proliferation of, and the persuasive nature of dental images, can be a major contributor to the demand for perfect smiles. We are seeing Hollywood smiles plastered all over screens everywhere we look. Plus, more gaping maws with perfect white teeth are seen on billboards and the sides of buses. There are now dentists on social media more than ever before and those reminders about flossing show no sign of abating. Kiddies want brilliant bright white teeth, just like their heroes on TV and the big screen. We want white teeth and bloody great big smiles.