So here we sit in the mud of a world we have created for ourselves filled with vacuous opinions and statements about nothing. Grey water fountains of youth-draining anger, outrage and the impotent squealings of the arrogant and entitled. A whirling, swirling world of social media delusions that subscribe to divide: who is hot, who is not. How terrible it is being ogled by the great unwashed that fund these billion-dollar machinations. The seal of self-importance being 24-hour teams of security guards, espoused as a begrudged necessity. Unqualified ‘proof’ and justification of how provocative a tweeted impromptu statement or observation; everyone forever defending and defensive. On guard. En garde!

Global keyboard warrior crowds ceaselessly enthralled and frenzied by imagined gladiatorial battles carried out in bytes and bandwidth with some Sprite and a sandwich before their diabetes test. Judgments by those espousing they never judge; the private jet refurbs of vegans whom claim to have made that life choice because they care for the planet, and every creature upon it. Memoirs by 16-year-olds who are not Joan of Arc, and would no doubt figure it’s a fashion label. Banal news in detail. World changing news a disposable nappy. The common overload of everyday problems and rare occurrences that have you wanting to unplug before you blow a fuse. Have a safety switch. Make it safe.  Make it simple. Always use the services of a top Sydney electrician. The self-determination of DYI electrical work is perilously powered by interminable Google confidence. When you find yourself asking the question, “How hard can it be?” you’ll be in for a shock. So always, always call in the professionals, often found promoting themselves via digital means such as SEO. Save yourself the drama, and literally save yourself. Have a qualified electrician soothe your frazzled soul where it hertz.