The overwhelming majority of people live and work outside of the art world. Art is a foreign place. Artists inhabit a largely alien environment that ordinary people occasionally hear about in the media. The art world is peopled by artists driven to create, investors who seek to benefit from their appreciation of art, and the gallery owners and experts who work within the industry. It can be a bitchy place, with artists’ egos spilling over into disagreements and verbal conflicts. It can be riven by greed and inflated opinions. Is the art world healthy? The answer to that depends upon where you find yourself on the food chain.

Art Therapy vs Art Dealing

Art therapy is supposed to be a healthy pursuit, something that is good for one’s wellbeing. The creation of art itself can be a fruitful and rewarding journey. I mean by that, the inner process by which a piece of art is gestated and given birth. It can be painful for sure, both emotionally, mentally and, even, physically. When art moves from its creator to the dealer who sells it, there is a major shift occurring on many different levels. There may be agents involved and various others, who play a part in this dynamic. Art at this stage is not always good for your health.

Anger & Liver Health

Many artists struggle with the whole commerce side of things. Issues around self-esteem and valuing one’s work, often, raise their shadowy heads at this point in the process. Substance abuse problems can emerge during this transitional time. Good health and, especially good liver health can be an issue for the artists challenged by his or her success or failure on the commercial scene. Click here for more regarding herbal remedies for liver health. The liver is associated with the expression of anger and frustration, especially when it is not functioning too well.

The Art World is Never Boring

The angry artist is no stranger to the art scene. The individual whose vision is underappreciated or treated with indifference can spark into flame. The art world is rarely a harmonious place, as egos clash to be heard above the clamour of a busy and competitive world. The art world is no David Hockney painting, despite the record price tag on that artist’s work in 2018. Technology and cheap shots are making waves in the art world in the 21C. The art world is never boring and rarely stands still for too long.