The recent destruction of ancient historical and cultural heritage sites by Islamic State in Iraq and Syria motivates me to ponder upon how we are protecting the great art in our world. That these morons are loose in parts of the world is a great shame to those of us who value the history of humanity in all its guises. The Middle East and North Africa are full of important artefacts and historical sites pertaining to our journey through time on this planet. Islamic State have plundered and destroyed more than 28 valuable sites. Religious fanatics of all persuasions are a dangerous scourge for the those of us tempered by wisdom in our appreciation of the past.

A Shift Toward Atheism is Accelerating

In many ways, groups like Islamic State are accelerating the global shift toward atheism. A non-belief in an invisible and irresponsible supernatural entity, who is obtusely manipulated by very human followers, seems a far more sensible road to take into the future. The world is split between those who seek to remain in the cloudy grip of religions from the Bronze Age and those embarking upon a journey unencumbered by gods and demons. Materialism may be a less imaginative approach to life but it can, also, be a far more empowering one. We can all learn from our cultural heritages via historical study, we do not have to bow down to the quasi-mystical religious lore that is rooted in the unsophisticated ramblings of bygone prophets.

Religions Warp Human Beings

Protecting the great art in our world is a sacred mission, not for any religious reason, but to honour our own humanity. Belief in supernatural entities ultimately means not taking responsibility for your actions. Allah wills it. God commands it. These precepts are dangerous and disempowering. Yes, there are many millions of people benignly worshipping their gods. Religious extremists, however, exist in all forms of religion on this planet. Beliefs in fairy tales are appropriate for little children and not for generations of adults. If you put scientific truth away and accept these outlandish false beliefs, you are asking for trouble. If reality may be bent by the brain washing that happens in religious schools, then, you are providing a training ground for fanatics and religious extremists.

Securing the Great Art

Securing the great art and cultural heritage sites are down to those in the protection business. Locksmiths and security forces are required to protect these culturally valuable items and sites. Peruse these examples online for systems which can protect property and valuables in Sydney. Wherever you may be located, it pays to establish a solid relationship with professionals who can protect your art, home, business and family.