A lot of people have asked me to describe what ’The Gaping Maw’ is all about. This is a modern phenomenon, which is impacting globally, especially in western cities and communities. The gaping maw refers to the black hole facing our civilisation in the 21C. The monstrous dangers confronting humanity via climate change and the breakdown of the existing social order, as we have known it. Many of us, around the world, are in denial about the cataclysmic future, which awaits us and our children. It is like the gaping maw of a predator, which is about to savage us and consume our civilisation. Some can feel the rank breath of this upcoming catastrophe and, yet, others, remain rooted in defiant indifference to our fate.

The Dark Forest of Our Fears

I think of the folk tales and children’s stories born out of them, which have a beast at their centre. Are we Little Red Riding Hood walking unaccompanied in the dark forest on the way to grandma’s house and a date with destiny? Are we Hansel and Gretel, and birds have eaten all our breadcrumbs?  The clock is ticking and the gaping maw inches ever closer. Young people are feeling this countdown to disaster, if recent studies are to be believed. They purport that our youth are dismayed and disappointed with world leaders over the lack of climate change action. Kids have been protesting globally at this failure of leadership over the coming climatic cataclysm.

Climate Change Disaster on the Near Horizon

The gaping maw of the ravenous beast is the stuff of nightmares for children and adults in this end game situation. This fear is greater than that of going to the dentist, it is cold sweat stuff. Here is more information on the dental clinic front for coping with such inconsequential fears. The whine of the high-powered drill is nothing compared to the ravages of bushfires, floods and cyclones. The rising sea level and your island home. The drought devastating livestock and crops. Climate change disaster is on the near horizon for us and future generations.

Climate Change Deniers

The gaping maw and the leering grin of Tony Abbott is the stuff of horror movies made real. The climate change deniers will go down in history as agents of destruction. They will be remembered for all the wrong reasons, as egoists out for their own short-term gratification in the face of a challenge which demanded nobility of spirit. These fellows will be found to be sorely wanting in that regard.